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Downloading Files From a Share Link

Binfer Share links enable easy direct device-to-device private file sharing without files ever being stored by a third party.  If you’ve been given a Share link, you have been given temporary access to download a specific file or set of files directly from the link sender’s device.

To view and download the files you have been given access to:

  1. Start by clicking or copying and pasting the link into your internet browser.
    Important: If the link sender is offline, then the download will be unavailable. Alert the sender, instructing them to keep their device online.
  2. If the link sender did not set a password, you will be taken directly to the download page.
  3. If the link sender set a password, you will be asked to enter it before having access to view and download the files. Contact the link sender if you were not supplied with the password.
  4. Once on the web page, you will see a summary of the transfer size, a message from the link sender (if one was written), and a grid of all the files you have been given access to download.

You have two options for downloading the displayed files:

Download Option 1: Web Browser

All files that you have been granted access to download should be displayed in a grid format. Using Binfer’s Web Browser option, you can download the files individually by clicking the “DOWNLOAD” button next to each file in the grid OR you can download all the files at once in a zipped format by clicking “DOWNLOAD ALL AS ZIP”. You can monitor the progress of your downloads in the lower right corner of your internet browser or by navigating to your computer’s “Downloads” directory.

Important: If you are downloading very large files (anything over 5-10 GBs) or your internet connection is unstable, we recommend using Download Option 2, which supports auto-resume if there happens to be an internet disruption mid-transfer. Download Option 1 will not auto-resume from the point of the interruption should your connection be lost mid-download.

Download Option 2: Binfer Portable App

The Binfer Portable App gives you many of the advantages of having a Binfer client without the need to install any software or create a Binfer account. Some of these advantages include:

  1. Auto-Resume of interrupted transfers
  2. Timestamp Preservation, preserving the file’s “Date Last Modified” and “Date Created”. (NOTE: The sender must enable this option when creating the link)
  3. Ability to download a reports once the transfer is complete

To use the Binfer Portable App, you will first have to download the Binfer Portable App executable file. This is a small 74KB file that can be downloaded by clicking on the “DOWNLOAD WITH PORTABLE APP” button or by visiting

NOTE: You are not installing any software on your computer when downloading or running the Bifner Portable App. This is a temporary application that can run without needing to be installed on your system’s hard drive.

Once on the portable app download page, click the icon that corresponds with your computer’s OS to download the appropriate version.

Navigate to your browser downloads and once the file has finished downloading, double click to temporarily launch the Binfer Portable App on your machine. Once launched, a Binfer “B” icon will appear in your taskbar and the application start screen will appear. Enter the required information and click “SUBMIT”:

  • Enter You Email (required): Used only for reporting and alert purposes.
  • Enter Link or Code (required): This is the link you were originally provided, which you pasted in your web browser.
  • Enter password (if provided): This is the same password used when accessing the web browser page.

Wait a moment for the application to open. Once open you can choose to set a download location for the received files to be stored. If you select “No”, a default location will be made on your computer. Once selected, your download will automatically start.  You can monitor the progress in the “Overall Progress” bar. If downloading more than 1 file, you can see any Pending or received files by clicking the “PENDING” and “RECEIVED” tabs of the portable app.

Once the download is complete, you can download a report summary of the transfer if desired by clicking the “RECEIVED” tab and clicking the “Save” icon dropdown.

Once completed, you can exit the application by clicking “Welcome>LOGOUT”. NOTE: Once closed out, the application will disappear and you will no longer have access to any data pertaining to your previous downloads.