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Large File Sharing Software Binfer Version 5.0

Binfer Debuts As A Safer, Faster Way To Send Large Documents

Send your files as fast as traditional Cloud servers by bypassing third-party servers.

 (Chicago, Illinois) – Binfer, a secure device-to-device large file sharing software that instantly delivers huge amounts of data in half the time.

Today Binfer announced the launch of Desktop App Version 5.0, a seamless way to send and receive large files in excess of 10 GB. Binfer’s unique software model replaces traditional cloud storage methods with a direct and secure pathway from sender to recipient. Binfer’s desktop suite offers secure file sharing, web drop, file synchronization between devices and private communication all in one place.  

Waiting for photos and videos to upload and download can hinder workflow, especially for professionals like photographers and videographers. When It is critical to get large quantities of images to clients quickly Binfer provides a first-of-its-kind solution for slow data transfers. The software is removing traditional limits on attachment sizes. In addition, an auto-resume feature built into the software ensures files will arrive right away, regardless of whether the sending device shuts down during the process.

Direct-transfer software creates a direct connection between devices.


Binfer’s file transfer software allows photographers to transfer photos twice as fast with unparalleled security, increasing productivity and improving customer relationships.

Here’s how Binfer works:

  • Download Binfer 5.0 at
  • Drag and drop an unlimited number of files into the secure app
  • Hit send
  • Recipient instantly receives an email with a link to the files and can open them right away

Because no limits are imposed on attachment sizes, Binfer Desktop 5.0 lifts the boundaries imposed by traditional data transfer services to allow photographers, videographers, digital marketers and other users to work at a faster pace than ever. When file delivery time is cut in half, professionals have twice as much time to devote to what they do best—make their customers happy.

In today’s digital age, heavier reliance on the internet has broken down many of the boundaries previously imposed by geography. Binfer caters to a global customer base, so sending large amounts of data from the U.S. overseas and back again is as seamless as sending files from state to state. Someone in New York City can send anything to Beijing with the touch of a button while resting easy that their files won’t be intercepted and end up in the wrong hands.

Binfer is different from cloud storage software because it doesn’t store files with a third party, making it safer to send data.

The file sharing software works in any browser. Businesses can eliminate delays associated with managing a sea of data because huge files can be sent quickly and securely.

Imran Ahmed, founder and CEO of Binfer, a Chicago-based startup, started the company based on the idea that people should be able to share confidential documents, photos and videos without the risk of files falling into the wrong hands. Imran believes in eliminating the antiquated hub-and-spoke model of data sharing and embracing a new standard defined by distributed and decentralized edge computing architecture.

See the short video tutorial on how Binfer works:

About Binfer: Binfer is the next generation of secure communication software that allows messaging, collaboration, file sharing, synchronization and more without storing user’s data on any third party-systems. Binfer creates a dynamic secure connection between the sending and receiving devices and transfers data directly between them. Binfer does not store any information during transit. Transfers can be encrypted with AES256.