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High Speed File Transfer
FTP Alternative - Data Security

High speed file transfer probably seems like an intense, complex subject. After all, many variables can affect file delivery time: internet speed, computer specs, packet loss, distance. But all you really need to send large files fast is the right file transfer software. That’s the tricky part – they’re not all the same. 

Most file transfer applications on the market today copy files to a central server. After a long upload period – too long – the recipient can download the files. That time period before the transfer occurs accounts for roughly 50% of the total transfer time. Binfer created a way to bypass that wait using direct, device-to-device technology to achieve very high speed file transfer.

Here’s a visual breakdown of the time you spend waiting for cloud-based file transfers vs. Binfer’s direct device-to-device high speed file transfer software:


How exactly does Binfer beat its competitors?

  • We combine the typical upload and download steps to trim your file transfer wait time by roughly 50%.
  • We're easy to use; you can deploy our software in minutes. We're also reliable - even against a Chinese firewall.
  • We don't depend on cloud servers to send large files, and we never store your data. That increases your data security.
  • We don't have restrictions on file size, type or quantity. Need to send large video files or tons of pictures? No problem. There's no need for compression tools to complicate what should be a simple, high speed file transfer process.

Eliminate the problems you have trying to send large files. Use affordable, direct device-to-device high speed file transfer software that’s easy to use – without compromising your data security.