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Sending an Open Binfer Message

Binfer’s Message feature allows users to send two types of messages a Secure Message and an Open Message. An open message mostly looks to the recipient like an email. The difference is that while one can read the text of the email body directly from the Email client, the attached files cannot be seen until the recipient clicks on the link labeled ‘Receive Files’. A new window will appear in the recipient’s browser bridging a direct connection between the sender and receiver, thus revealing the attached files in the message.


Sending the message

  1. Open the Binfer app
  2. Click the ‘New’ menu dropdown arrow
  3. Select ‘Message’
  4. Compose the text of your message in the body
  5. Add as many attachments of any size you’d like by dragging and dropping into the email body
  6. Choose your recipients and set the delivery method to ‘Binfer Open’
  7. Go to the ‘Options’ tab to review further delivery options like password protection
  8. Press ‘Send’ in the top left-hand corner to send your open message to the desired recipient or recipients
  9. The recipient can open the message via the Binfer app or the web link automatically generated in the email body

Tip: If the other party does not have the Binfer app, select ‘Enable Web Pickup’ in the options tab.