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Organizing and Moving Files Within Binfer Drive

Create folders

Like any directory, it is often useful to group files in designated folders to more easily locate files within Binfer Drive. To create a folder:
    • Select the dropdown arrow next to New and click FOLDER.
    • A popup will appear asking you to name your folder. Once named, click CREATE FOLDER button to add it to your drive.

Move/Copy files to folder

Unlike other file sharing platforms, Binfer Drive allows you to collect files located throughout your drive by simply clicking on them. Once clicked on, you will see the file added to the right navigation bar. To move all selected files to a new location, you will first need to navigate to that new location. Once in the new location, click the ACTIONS drop down and click MOVE. Once clicked, files will be deleted from the source location and moved to your newly specified location

Drag and move files

You can also quickly drag and move files to a folder already present in the view.