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Advanced Sync Settings

Binfer sync has a variety of settings to ensure your files transfer in exactly the way that you want. Below is a primer of several settings available to choose on a sync:


Users can choose to sync folders only with a manual push. Enabling this feature requires the User on the Binfer end to check the ‘Manual’ box. Once you have added the rule, to run a Sync, the user must hover over the rule and press the ‘Execute’ button for files to be synced across devices. When this feature is not enabled, a universal rule will check every 10 minutes (default).

Tip: You can adjust the rule check time by typing any number of minutes you’d like, at the top of Sync tab, and clicking the save icon immediately next to the field.

Remove Deleted Files From Other Devices

If this feature is enabled, if a file in the master folder is deleted, the file will also be removed from all synchronized folders.

Destination Folder

This is the folder location where the sender’s file will be stored on the recipient’s device

Example: C:/Users/User2/Desktop

Exclude Pattern

Specify a file type that will not be synced from sender to receiver.

Example: .doc, .docx, .pdf will exclude all Word Documents and PDFs from syncing across.

Minimum Age

This setting allows you to specify how many minutes a file must not have been modified before it is included in a sync. The default is 3 minutes. For example, if you are editing a document and step out for 5 minutes, you may not want the updates to sync across. If so, set a Minimum Age of greater than 5 minutes.