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Why Symmetric Internet Will Make BitTorrent Irrelevant?

A symmetric internet connection means uploading and downloading data speed is the same. Nowadays many businesses use symmetric internet connection more often as it provides faster and more reliable data transfer.

Asymmetric connection means that the data speed and file transfer rate are different in each direction.

Use Case

Direct File Sharing with Asymmetric Connection

Imagine you share a 100 MB file between two PC with the direct device to device file sharing solution. Download speed is 100 Mbps/sec, and Upload speed is 1 Mbps/sec. In that case, you will transfer a file in 100 sec.

asymmetric internet connection

BitTorrent Solution with Asymmetric Internet

BitTorrent internet has an advantage when you share a large file with limited Internet speed. If you have 5 PC with the same file on them then transferring 100 MB file via BitTorrent would take you 5 times less, because the file is shared from 5 different locations (100/5 = 20 MB from each location). Which means it would take you 20 sec to upload 100 MB file with uploading speed 1 Mbps.


Symmetric Internet Connection

Let’s say you use a symmetric internet connection where the data speed and file transfer rate are the same in both directions.

If the speed is equal to 100 MB/sec on both ways, then transferring of 100 MB file with BitTorrent would take 1 sec and it would use only one of the 5 locations.


Direct Device to Device Internet File Sharing Solution

The same result you would get using the direct device to device internet file sharing solution. The file would be transferred in 1 sec from one PC to another. This means you do not need BitTorrent in symmetric internet connection to make large file sharing faster.

symmetric internet connection

It is known that compared to asymmetric connections, symmetric connections perform more efficient. It is more useful when uploading large files or shares a lot of presentations daily. Thus, many businesses chose symmetric internet connection where file sharing experience is made easier and cost-effective. By reducing the number of file storage locations, you reduce the significant amount of expenses.

Binfer is a direct device to device file sharing software that transfers files fast using symmetric internet connection with no additional cost. Find out more about Binfer direct device to device sync and file sharing here.