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7 reasons to use Binfer over Dropbox or Google Drive to transfer large files

Secure file sharing software can change your life forever. Binfer is a new take on fast file transfer. And it is different from the main file sharing cloud services such as Dropbox, WeTransfer and Google Drive.

Here are the main reasons you would want to use Binfer for your secure file sharing
  1. Binfer is a direct device to device file sharing software.

Your files are never uploaded to a cloud server. Dropbox uses third-party servers to store or transfer files over the Internet. Did you know that cloud storage is not safe? The reason is that the moment you upload your files to the cloud, the third party now has full access to your private data, which they can sell, duplicate, or keep indefinitely. Even with encryption, as has happened many times in the past, these third parties are often hacked, and we hear about major data leaks in the news all the time.

        2. Binfer can send your data in half the time compared to cloud services.

Why? Again, because we do not spend time on storing your data somewhere. Here is how the cloud works in comparison to Binfer.


So Binfer moves your data 50% faster than typical cloud-based file transfer solutions. In the end, you can significantly increase your productivity by using Binfer.

  1. Dropbox has been blocked by China, Binfer has not.

As of today, we are recognized leaders among file sharing companies in China. Why? First, file transfers are encrypted with military-grade 256-bit AES encryption, ensuring secure transfers. Second, Binfer doesn’t use clouds to transfer data, so we don’t copy your files in any way. It allows us to transfer files from all around the world to China.

  1. Your recipient does not have to create a Binfer account to receive large files.

This feature is amazing for photographers and videographers. With Dropbox, when you update your account to the professional one, your clients must upgrade their accounts also to receive large files. It is like a big slap on your face when you try to send a large file to someone with an upgraded Dropbox version. Binfer is a great solution for a large file sharing.

  1. Binfer cares about customers and provides personal support no matter what.

As Binfer is a startup company we care about our customers the most and all our staff are here to provide you with personal assistance. You also can ask for help through our website and get the chance to speak with our CEO.

  1. Binfer has a variety of Plan options, for any size of the business.

With Dropbox, you do not have many options to choose from, when with Binfer you have more than 5. Our monthly plans start from $5 (50GB) up to $60 (our unlimited plan). We also provide separate solutions for enterprises.

  1. We provide an unlimited plan which you hardly can find anywhere.

This means you can share large files and there are no limits on the size. Yes, that means multiple terabytes of data, instantly.

As our mission is to keep your data safe and secure here are a few tips on how to protect your files:

  • Try to avoid storing sensitive information on clouds
  • Read the user agreement to find out how cloud service works
  • Set up a long password