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Binfer Enterprise Sync 5.2 Released

Binfer Enterprise Sync 5.2 Now Available! _________

Chicago, May 12, 2020 Binfer, a secure file sharing and communication platform, is pleased to announce the release of its latest enterprise grade file sharing server: Binfer Enterprise Sync. The latest release comes with several improvements, bug fixes, and powerful new features that expand on the platform’s already impressive list of data synchronization capabilities. Interested in learning more about Binfer’s Enterprise Sync solution? Sign up now for more information.

Introducing an All New Dashboard

With Binfer’s all new dashboard module, view the overall health of the private cloud environment from one screen.

Server Specific Dashboard Features

The server’s dashboard can instantly tell an IT Admin what is going on throughout the Binfer network by displaying stats for the entire network. Quickly see how many devices are online, which can be updated, and other general statistics such as each client’s disk space, CPU usage, and RAM usage. The server also gets alerted when any errors occur throughout the entire private cloud environment, highlighting “Alerts” in bright red to immediately notify an IT Admin something needs attention.

General Dashboard Features

Every Binfer instance, both client and server, gets a unique dashboard that will display the health of the Binfer system on that device. The dashboard will tell a viewer how many rules are in progress vs completed, the disk space of the current device, and any device specific alerts that an admin might need to be aware of, with the exception of the server mentioned above which is not device specific. The dashboard is also full of quick navigation links, making it easier than ever before to get around the private cloud environment.

Handling NAT and SSL

Work with a solution that can integrate into any environment, no matter how complicated! With an all new reworked networking mechanism, Binfer is ready to handle any network environment. Built to work with or without SSL, admins can now add an extra layer of security by transferring files only through secured connections. Want to set a server up behind a Network Address Translator (NAT)? No problem, Binfer is ready to help you deploy to any environment and get your files transferring in no time!

Error Handling

With an overhauled error handling system, know right away when something needs attention. The new and improved “Error” tab in the Reports module allows IT Admin to view any errors that may occur from the server, including rules that do not have the server as a member. Improved rule filtering allows users to quickly identify which files may not have transferred and when the error occurred. Error alerts now have two states, resolved and unresolved. By default, an error is unresolved. This increases the alert count on the dashboard and highlights the unresolved error in bright red in the “Error” tab of the Reports module. Users can either mark an individual error resolved once the issue has been resolved or bulk resolve issues with the “Mark All as Resolved” button. This will switch the error to resolved status where it will be kept for logging purposes but will no longer be tallied on the dashboard.

Device Summary View

With Binfer’s new device summary view, quickly view all the information relevant to each device connected to your private cloud. The Device module on the server instance now defaults to the Device Summary tab which shows all members connected to the private cloud environment and important information about each device. Device’s online status, as well as basic network info is available at just a glance within the table shown. Clicking on any device will pop up all the latest details specific to the device. It is also easier than ever before to see which devices need to be updated from this view. Any device that can receive an update from the server will immediately be highlighted in red. When selected, not only will the device details popup, but there will also be a quick and easy “Update Device” button that shows at the bottom of the pop-up screen. This makes it easier than ever to ensure every device in the private cloud is operating the latest version of Binfer.

Remote Management

View specific device’s dashboard, view their sync rules, and create new rules all remotely from the management console. Any server that is updated through version can now remotely view and control other client instances that are also updated through version Remotely view the dashboard of different clients to get an overview of the health of that specific device. Enable or disable rules for any client remotely from the server. Remote management also allows for the creation of new rules on client devices, with the goal of drastically decreasing the need for remote desktop viewers. All remote connections are managed, controlled, and updated as needed to minimize the amount of bandwidth used while still allowing for complete control over each device and its sync rules.

Real Time Sync

Sync files as soon as they change to ensure that every member has the most up to date version of every file. Binfer is proud to announce an update to our syncing mechanism which now allows for real time folder monitoring and synchronization. As soon as a file is changed on the system, Binfer is aware of the change and kicks off the sync mechanism to sync the changed file over to all members based on rule structure. With real time sync, admins can be confident that they are always working with the most up-to-date versions of the files and no longer need to worry about time delays between when a file is changed and when it syncs across to other members. Real time sync is not currently enabled by default. It can be enabled by navigating to the Sync Settings module and checking the Real time sync box.

General Improvements

Small fixes throughout that improve ease of use.

Bulk Adding Members

When adding members to the private cloud, members can now be bulk added. Clicking the same ‘Add Members’ button will now prompt a larger dialog box allowing multiple members to be added, just separate each member name with a new line. Need to bulk add members to one rule? No problem! The member selection grid for new rules now works simultaneously with a text box. This box allows you to add a list of members to add to the rule, just separate each device name with a new line. Want to still use the grid? Not a problem, the text box will autofill as you select members via the grid.

Removing Rule Members

Want to stop syncing a rule with a given member? When removing that member from the rule it now auto triggers the deletion of the rule for the member. Previously, an admin was required to delete the rule on the device after removing the device.

Editable Rule Options

Need to change a sync rule’s backup policy but the rule is already in place? Running low on disk space and want to switch an automatically synced rule to a manual sync rule? Sync rule options are now editable allowing these changes to be made. Previous, an admin was required to delete the rule and create a new one if the options needed to be changed.

License and Contact Caching

With Binfer’s new and improved license and contact caching, Binfer Enterprise Sync keeps running even if internet connection is lost. While the system will stop transferring files to devices that cannot be reached, devices connected via local networks will continue to transfer files. This caching also cuts down on outbound network traffic originating from the Binfer system to minimize the amount of bandwidth data used.

Upload Files to a Rule

With Binfer’s new upload option you can sync and distribute files through a rule without having access to the file system of the machine running Binfer. Just log into the web interface from any machine and upload files directly to a rule. The files will be synced and distributed across all members of the rule.

Include Patterns for Rules

Now when creating a rule or editing a rule’s options, you can provide a regex pattern that will filter the included files. The regex pattern runs against the full path of the file allowing admins complete control to filter files however they prefer.

Remotely Clear a Member’s Rules

The server now has the option to remotely clear all rules on a given member with just the click of a button. From the device summary you can now select any member within the private cloud and choose to clear their rules. Internally, Binfer’s system will pass the message along to the member and clear all rules so that the client is ready to start transferring again as soon as possible.

Updated Notification Settings

With a completely overhauled notification system, signup to receive emails for a variety of events that may require immediate admin attention. With more options than ever before, admins can choose which notifications they want to hear about right away and subscribe to them. Events that an admin subscribes to will generate an email in the Binfer system as soon as the event occurs, sending it to the account used to sign in to the Binfer server.